Of course not, but it costs Big Church Day Out around £55 per team member for catering, t-shirts, other materials and all the infrastructure we have to put in place for the team hub and team campsite.  Believe it or not, in past years we had nearly 80 people who didn’t show up to take their place on team or who cancelled at the last minute and we had even more the year before.  This worked out at a cost of nearly £4,500 in wasted money and also caused a lot of problems onsite with other team members having to work longer hours to fill in the gaps. Big Church Day Out is a charity and doesn’t make a profit so we need to ensure we spend wisely and avoid waste wherever possible.  We also want to be fair to other team members and not have to ask them to cover for people who have let us down.


2017 was the first year we introduced the card detail policy and we only had 5 no shows to the event! Which not only made the event run smoother but also meant people could have a really enjoyable experience being on Team. 


So again as we did in 2018, this year we’re asking everyone to give their card details in order to secure their place on team.  Nothing will be charged to your card unless you either don’t show for the event, cancel at the last minute (without good reason such as illness or family bereavement) or choose not to complete your shifts.  Obviously we understand that circumstances do change so if you do choose to cancel your place you won’t be charged, unless you cancel within a month of the date you are due to serve, at which point you’ll be charged £30.  If you cancel within two weeks of the date you will serve, or you don’t complete all your shifts on-site, then you’ll be charged the gate price of an adult weekend ticket. 


We will warn you before we charge your card and you will NOT be charged anything when you apply to be on team with us.  Card details will be held securely by the card company and can’t be accessed by our team.


If you have any queries, then please contact us.